MSD Farmer Meetings – January 2016

MSD Animal Health Ireland in connection with Volac will be hosting a number of farmer meetings over the coming weeks. Speaking at these meetings will be Martin Kavanagh Director of Cow Signals, Fiona Lovatt, sheep specialist and a number of MSD Animal Health veterinary advisors. The meetings will primarily focus on calf health.

Farmer meetings January 2016


For further information please contact the MSD Animal Health office on +353 1 2970171.


“Martin Kavanagh MVB Cert DHH has worked in farming and veterinary for the last 30 years. In 2007 he left general veterinary practice after 14 years to pursue his interest in preventative veterinary medicine, cow nutrition, and farm management consultancy.


Martin believes that cows deserve a long and happy life, farmers deserve to make money and have a good working life, and the consumer deserves our best efforts to ensure animals are free from stress, and the products that they are buying are safe.”

Martin Kavanagh cow signals

Fiona is a Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Recognised Specialist in Sheep Health and Production and a diplomate of the European College of Small Ruminant Health Management. She holds the part time position of Clinical Associate Professor in sheep production medicine at the University of Nottingham.


Fiona was the president of the Sheep Veterinary Society (SVS) in 2013/14 and continues to represent sheep veterinarians at all levels of the sheep industry; she has been a member of the Sheep Health and Welfare Group (SHAWG) since its inception.

Flock Health - Fiona Lovatt