MSD Animal Health bolsters commitment to udder health with new teat sealant, CepraLock®

CepraLock® – a new teat sealant recently launched by MSD Animal Health highlights the company’s commitment to the future of udder health in Ireland.

Available to vets and farmers from June 2021, this new teat sealant is a significant addition to the current MSD Animal Health dry cow portfolio – complementing its market leading dry cow intramammary product and the wider dairy herd health portfolio.  

With new regulations on veterinary medicines coming into effect in January 2022, MSD Animal Health is dedicated to supporting both vets and farmers, by supplying them with the necessary tools required to safely transition from blanket dry cow therapy practices and the adoption of a more selective approach to dry cow therapy based on individual cow information.

This is known as a more holistic, cow centered approach industry wide.

CepraLock® Launch

Speaking at the recent MSD Animal Health webinar, Udder Health – The Past, The Present and The Future, Peter Edmondson, Veterinary Consultant, stated:

“The veterinary practitioner has a really important role to play in the transition from blanket dry cow therapy to selective dry cow therapy.

“This is an opportunity for veterinary practitioners to engage with and educate clients on best practice protocols such as hygiene, product selection and data driven decisions for a more sustainable approach to dry cow therapy.”

According to Dr. Jantijn Swinkels, DVM, PhD, Ruminants Technical Director Veterinarian at MSD Animal Health, all “farmers should be using internal teat sealants, with studies showing that nearly 25% of teat ends remain open for as long as six weeks after drying off.

“Adding a teat sealant to a dry cow management program helps prevent infection and supports the responsible use of antibiotics.”

CepraLock® is designed for use at drying-off, with or without a dry cow intramammary antibiotic, and provides an important inert barrier in the teat canal to reduce the risk of a bacterial infection of the udder during the dry period.

CepraLock® will be available from June 2021 and can be purchased in single boxes of 24 tubes (6 cows) and buckets of 144 tubes (36 cows). Both include biodegradable disinfectant wipes for udder preparation.

MSD Animal Health is dedicated to preserving and improving the health, well-being and performance of animals and the people who care for them, through comprehensive health management solutions, products, technologies, and services. 

For more information on CepraLock® contact your vet.